I am a fiction author and essayist, specializing in speculative fiction, human uplift, and all things geek. Visit my website at ryandoskocil.com.

Education Matters

Many of us follow a stereotypical tract in our early life: go to school, get a degree, start a career. These are often considered terminal points in our lives, to the effect that once completed, many people don’t revisit them. But it’s a mistake to believe that a diploma or…

I once thought Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other “invisible” illnesses were a sham. I thought these labels were for patients who didn’t want to work, or for people who wanted disability pay. I thought these people created their illnesses by eating junk food and not exercising. I thought laziness…

Photo by Raul Barrios on Unsplash

The Shape Underneath

You’re a writer. You’ve done some serious time, keeping your nose to the proverbial grindstone, researching, assessing, assaulting blank pages with words. You’ve stepped back and looked at the hot mess of your first draft, hacked it to pieces, and glued it back together. But still, every time you reread…

Ryan Doskocil

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